Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Earrings keep getting lost around here. My earrings, to be exact. They fall off my right ear. As far as I can tell, my right ear is exactly the same as my left, but for some reason the earring just works its way gradually out and falls off in the midst of my day, and sometimes I don't even notice until I get ready to take them off. Here's the tally so far:

  • Lost: On a walk. Favorite blue glass earring from Anthropologie. A gift from my sister.
  • Lost: In the garden. Very favorite turquoise enameled fish earring.
  • Found: Above fish earring! (My husband found it on the path a few days later.)
  • Lost: In the garden. The SAME fish earring. (You'd think I would learn my lesson about wearing them outdoors.)
  • Found: You guessed it. My daughter found it. Those fish are faithful.
  • Lost: Who knows where this time. Tortoiseshell earring. Still lost.

At this rate I'll be sporting the pirate look in no time.


jane said...

:) too funny. thanks for visiting lesle. hugs from spain.

Elisabelle said...

the 3 of us are loosing things all day long and i am the one who is supposed to look for everything: it drives me crazy ;(
thank you for your very sweet message.
i hope your illness is not too serious and i am sure that the love of your family is a big help.

Melanie said...

You guessed it. I ran over it with a friend.
I did not find your tortoiseshell earring there.

The Crooked Tongue said...

I get it.
I lose earrings too and I can't stand IT!