Wednesday, June 23, 2010

valiant papa: or how I nearly got eaten by a moorhen

The moorhens at the lake have six new babies. I tried to take their picture the other day, but got a bit too close for papa moorhen. He swam to the bank, scrambled up, and charged me, cursing me loudly with a surprisingly menacing, " SQUAWK SQUAWK SQUAWK! " I didn't see him at first. I was trying to focus on the babies in the water. So he got really close. And then I screamed really loud, and backed up really fast, and nearly fell on my you-know-what. After that I guess he was satisfied that I got the message, so he joined his little brood in the water and led them far away from evil me, to the grasses on the other side of the lake. The last photo is mama and her six little ones returning to the nest after papa was convinced all danger was past.

I told you they were good parents.


B. Meandering said...

That's so funny! I can see myself doing the same thing! The first pic is esp. good--you can see her tiny eye and I like the patterns the water and reeds make. Good photos--worth the scare, since he didn't bite you.

S. Etole said...

Nature is so protective of its little ones.

B said...

Oh - glad he didn't eat you! :-)

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Don’t know how people can bear to love when there’s no hope of Glory.

Ugh. Just got to the “un-man” today if you mean “The Head.” Very, very creepy. Perelandra is probably my favorite book of all. Definitely in my top three! Love C.S. Lewis. What a master!

Blessings – B.

Debbie D. said...

How have I missed your blog this whole month!?!
I've read your last post to date and your beginning post.
I'm going to save the others for when I quiet down tonight so that I can savor them.
(Oh my goodness!!! When I typed the word "savor", the slogan "Savor the Sound of Light" popped in my head!!! I think that word and you will forever be linked in my brain :)

With that slogan and your wonderful title to your blog, you were meant to be a writer!

And I will determine to "reach out my hands and take it"!

Joybird said...

Oh dear.