Monday, September 13, 2010

giving thanks

for gifts from the sea

for sunshiny blooms

for lavender-scented candlelight

for rabbit's foot ferns

for a daughter's first loaf of homemade bread


Jodi said...

That a lot to be thankful for :). the bread looks wonderful. there's nothing like an in- house baker.

Rachel said...

Bread looks good, your pottery is so pretty and the sea shells are a great find! Wishing you a hope filled day!

Manda said...

Wow... daughter's first loaf looks like a success.
Simply love candle-light... doesn't even have to be a scented candle.

Kim Hyland said...

I love lavender, and the bread looks beautiful :)

Dianne said...

Thankful indeed!

Misty said...

yum! is that cinnamon bread? looks delicious an dMUCH better than my first loaf turned out!
i also love that pottery. lovely
love this list... love the happiness it evokes

EG Wow said...

All lovely reasons to be thankful!

B. Meandering said...

I love how you set up the shells --- a unique smiley face!
Yellow is a favorite color for me for annuals---they add instant sunshine.
I like lavender plants and sachets--haven't had a lavender candle though.
Never saw such a fern before.
The first loaf of bread by the daughter---indeed a milestone. Just wait until she takes over the recipe, adapts it, and makes it better. A mixed emotion moment. :)
You've got a lot of simple things to be thankful for, friend, and they're what makes all the other worth dealing with.

deb said...

I needed a good thankful post tonight.
Thank you.

Noelle Renee said...

I love the gifts from the sea. Those are urchin shells. We used to call them Sand dollars They are lovely. The flowers are beautiful and the candle. Your daughter's bread looks yummy. These are all things that please the senses. A nice meditation of thanks.
Thank you!

Francesca said...

Oh, that bread must have been the sweetest ever!