Monday, October 25, 2010

orange you glad I didn't say banana?

life is a mixture
light and dark, joy and sorrow
but light always wins

thankful for:

stupid jokes that make me smile even though I'm sick

crisis averted for a friend with cancer

sherlock holmes mysteries

flowers for the garden

hugs and kisses



Tracy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, Leslie... and very glad to about your friend. :o) Happy week ((HUGS))

Kay L. Davies said...

It certainly seems to me that you are making the most of your life, to the best of your ability, within the confines of your illness. This is SO important when people have chronic be able to make the best of things, to laugh, to smile, to love, to live.
Although the illness can never be seen as a good thing, the ability to live in spite of it is a gift, and I know you know that.

Kay, Alberta

EG Wow said...

I'm glad that you still feel thankful even though you aren't well.

Misty said...

i'm glad you smile at silly jokes even while you're sick, too. b/cs frankly? i'm impressed! my 4yo has learned the "artless" of the knockknock joke and that one in particular.... oh ad nauseum LOL!!
seriously, tho, friend... i'm sorry you are still/recurring sick. and ever grateful that you are aware and clinging to the fact that light always wins. it truly does.

Jodi said...

I LOVE SHERLOCK HOLMES ! did you watch the one on Masterpiece Mystery last night?

Leslie said...

Thanks, all, for the encouraging words and wishes. They lift my heart.

Kay - I feel you know and live the truth of these things, as well.

Misty, since my daughter is 20 I don't hear that "great" knock knock joke too often - I guess I should be thankful for that, too!

Jodi - YES! I watched it and liked it!

deb said...

I look forward to coming here... thank you for that.

i hope you are having a easy day. My husband is the silly one here... lord.
( I wouldn't change him of course . I try not to crack a smile, but he knows his cheesy still gets me :))

Summer said...

This post is so great! I had to laugh because that is the joke my Kelcee tells us all the time I think that is the only knock knock joke we know LOL....I bet the friend with Cancer is sweet Emily and I am so glad her crisis is over too! I spoke with her on email today she emailed me and it was so great to hear from her! I wanted to thank you so much for your sweet comment! I really needed to hear those words today and it really did bring a smile and happy tears to my face! Thank you so much for it!


ELK said...

the fruit is a stunning metaphor with the lines of thankful that you lay before us..blessings

B. Meandering said...

The gift of laughter is one of the best given us by God. It soooo helps when you're ill. Praying for you, friend.
Sherlock Holmes, huh?! I've honestly never watched an original one. Am I missing a lot?

Debbie D. said...

What a wonderful surprise... a haiku and it's not friday! And a wonderful one, at that.

The light always wins; a focal point to always keep in front of us.

May you feel the reality of God's comforting hand!

emily wierenga said...

i'm so sorry you're still sick, friend... but how wonderful for your friend, whose cancer was averted... oh, there is good in the world, still. love you, sister.

Francesca said...

To hope, and healing.

S. Etole said...

To gratitude and the gift it is to ourselves and others ...

So grateful for you.