Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i dreamed a cottage on the beach

i dreamed a cottage on the beach,
with a sunflower path
leading down
to the sea.

i dreamed the smell of a salt breeze,
and the surf’s gentle cadence,
and the sighing of wind
in australian pines.

i dreamed a morning of
jewel green parakeets,
and pelicans flying wing-to-wing,
into the day.

i dreamed the sun caressing my skin
with golden languor, until
it melted vermilion
into turquoise waters.

i dreamed a young girl
sitting on the sand,
wind-blown and free,
writing a dream —
into real.

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Emily Young said...

i dreamed the same cottage :)

Joyce said...

Do you think your dream cottage would have an extra guestroom? xo

Anonymous said...

i like this dream, very much

Kay L. Davies said...

"the smell of a salt breeze" — how wonderful, Leslie!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

S. Etole said...

may all your dreams come true ....

Rachel said...

I love to read your poetry the rhythm and meaning of the whole and the way they end. Especially this one.....

"i dreamed a young girl
sitting on the sand,
wind-blown and free,
writing a dream —
into real."

Loree said...

Your poetry is beautiful. I too dream of a cottage on the beach.

Jodi said...

Ahem! still not signing our amazing poems, I see ;) Hope you're having a lovely time.

le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Beautiful! Now I dream with you :)

Tracy said...

Lovely dream... sea dreams are the sweetest. ;o) Happy Days, Leslie ((HUGS))

Percy @dreamhopewrite said...

Writing this dream into real... Awesome ending!! I hope that you can write all of your dreams into real

Brian Miller said...

and i hope you get that dream...it is very beautiful

Anonymous said...

and pelicans flying wing-to-wing,
into the day.

beautifully written...i can see and hear the sights and sounds and it is soooooo relaxing! nicely done.

Mystic Margarita said...

It's a beautiful dream. I'm sure you'll make it real one day. Loved your poem.

Fireblossom said...

You certainly made it real for me. You put me right there, and it is a lovely place to be indeed!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful dream, enchantingly written - reading it was like being there. Thank you!

Noelle Renee said...

You had me there. This was almost a meditation, it was so incredibly lovely. This place is releasing your spirit in a beautiful way!

Isabel said...

love your descriptive words. am dreaming that I too will get to stay in a beach cottage

Graceful said...

Oh wow. It's like I am there!

Debbie D. said...

Absolutely wonderful when dreams come true!!!

beth said...

wait....i thought you were just living that dream :)

Deborah Carr said...

I'm thinking of you and Anne Morrow Lindbergh...spending idle days watching the tide come and go.

Francesca said...

A cottage that close to the sea is a dream. I think the young girl must have loved it too.