Tuesday, May 17, 2011

where do squirrels go?

where do squirrels go
when they die?
there are so very many,
forever busy
with important tasks
of nut finding,
and storing,
and finding again —
and of course,

but where do they go
when they die?
i seldom see their bodies,
lifeless —
rather the incessant motion
of their impish presence
and acrobatic

i know there are those
who meet with untimely deaths
on the highway
or at the hands of

but what about the rest?
are they simply
taken up to heaven,
like elijah?
i like to think that,

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lilylovekin said...

Lovely with a curious question to ponder.

Rachel said...

Interesting observation written in lyrical words.

Claudia said...

really - i have never thought about this - but you are right - you don't see lots of dead animals lying around in the forest usually...i like your elijah thought as well..

Kay L. Davies said...

A very interesting question. I don't know that I've ever seen a squirrel carcass, or a carcass of any sort when I've been in a forest.
Beautifully put, Leslie. I'd like to think they're "simply taken up to heaven"!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Francesca said...

I like to think that too.

Sulthana said...

How odd, I'd recently been asked by a friend to pen a poem on squirrels (he thought he was giving me something random) and I had no idea what could be written, but you managed to write a really lovely one on that subject.

I like your sentiment at the end.

The lack of carcass shows mother nature at her perfection, everything is recycled whether by other animals or by the land, and nothing left to waste :)

Brian Miller said...

i love squirrels!!! they are amazing to watch...and now you have me wondering...nice one shot!

S. Etole said...

I suspect they go a little "nuts"! and then disappear.

Henry Clemmons said...

Wonderful thoughts/obervations. Enjoyed MUCH. I wonder similar things.

ayala said...

Leslie, nice... I think they go to squirrel heaven :)

moondustwriter said...

I have had a few squirrel friends - I should have asked them.
This is delightful a child would get big eyed with wonder at hearing this poem..

Hugs my dear

Mystic Margarita said...

Beautiful poem -- I do believe they go a beautiful place filled with shady trees and a never-ending supply of nuts. :)

deb colarossi said...

I've often wondered about animals and their dying in general.. do they get a sense beforehand? Do they know and then go and find a little nook or space ? You don't see the landscape dotted with critters that have suddenly dropped dead really.. isn't it strange?

Kim Nelson said...

Not a bad thing to think, sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps... the same place that missing sock goes. Fun piece.

Rick said...

I hadn't really noticed, but now that you mention it ...

I suspect that's why buzzards were invented.

I was able to spend some time here going through a lot of your recent posts - love (and miss) those Florida scenes; AWEsome sunset !

rebecca said...

i love the way your think...and the words you use to paint your thoughts.

Jodi said...

Scampering in Heaven with Beatrix Potter.

Andy said...

Where I live, there's a family of squirrels. Sometimes, during their many travels, they sit for a while in my porch. I spy on them, careful not to make too much noise for fear they'll scamper away. I enjoy watching them run up & down the trees, play with each other in the grass & bury their heads looking for nuts. I've never really thought about their deaths.

I'd be interested in the answer too.

Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Well-written =)

Matt Coughlan said...

cowled deaths to squirrels are
ants, cockroaches, and fungus
humble heaven gates

Anonymous said...

I love reading and writing poetry with questions like this. I once asked the same question about cricket. Nice writing.

Emily Young said...

heaven for sure.