Saturday, July 23, 2011

pink clouds and birds on a wire: a haiku (sort-of)

a balancing act

is going on right before

our eyes, if we look 

linking to recuerda mi corazon for haiku my heart


ayala said...

I love that you always look closer :)

foxysue said...

Balancing act take three, yes I see them all, very lovely and calming.

Sue x

Stephanie said...

beautiful way to focus our eyes on this summer evening

rebecca said...

the pink of dawns clouds
refresh the heart seeking peace
a lone bird watches

becky said...

Love it, a scene like the one in my Florida backyard :)

Still gonna try the Haiku...waiting for the subject to turn up :)

Beth said...

I like how you brought us gradually to where we could see the three birds further out on the high wires.
You and I have both been doing a balancing act lately and someone standing on a thick, steady post
often doesn't realize how difficult it is to walk the tightwire of chronic illness.

Very apt post, Leslie, and beautiful too. I love the pink clouds!

Kay L. Davies said...

Beautiful colors in your sky, Leslie, and I love the way you pull us closer and closer into the picture.

—Kay, Alberta, Canada

Pierre BOYER said...

Very nice...
Geertings from France,


Dawn Elliott said...

Ha! That's exactly what our skies look like today...and I'm hoping it will weigh out on the side of sweet rain. Great shots and haiku!

S. Etole said...

Looking up can definitely help us keep our balance!