Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a sunset with emily dickinson

We learn in the retreating
    How vast an one
Was recently among us.
    A perished sun
Endears in the departure
    How doubly more
Than all the golden presence
    It was before!

— Emily Dickinson

(from her Complete Poems, 1924; Part Four: Time and Eternity; LXXXIV)


S. Etole said...

This is beautiful, Leslie ... and a bit sad.

Deborah Carr said...

Oh so very true...it is our nature to most often cherish the days of leaving moreso than the days of living. And how many times I have stood in reverence, breathing in each moment, face bathed in dying light?

Can do mom said...

I love Emily Dickinson and your photo of the waning sunset is beautiful.

May God's beauty always surround you and (more importantly) may you always be aware of it!

Jodi said...

I like that the sun gives encore performances. The colors in your photo are yum.

Jennifer Richardson said...

mmmmm.....soothing to my ears
just to imagine the sound of water
and these words,
the rhythm coaching my breath
into sweeter softer rhythms:)

Misty said...

another poet said nothing gold can stay
and an even favoriter poet said:
love is the voice under all silences,
the hope which has no opposite in fear:
the strength so strong mere force is feebleness:
the truth more first than sun more last than star (e.e. c)

love to you, les.

Elizabeth said...

She is just so weird and wonderful -- to write something so utterly original about something so literally mundane is astounding, isn't it?

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...


becky said...

Ah, what a way to end the day...sigh.