Thursday, July 19, 2012

a quick update (or, how time flies when you're having fun)

The art of life is to know how to enjoy a little and to endure very much. 
—William Hazlitt 

If this is the art of life, I think we've been applying a heavy coat of endurance on that canvas, and it's pretty much overpowering those little splashes of enjoyment. Hopefully, the end result will be something beautiful. Right now it looks like a mess.

On the very good side, my husband's pericarditis (inflammation of the heart lining) has improved dramatically. Although the EKG shows some signs of inflammation, his pain is gone, and he is no longer on the pericarditis drug. (That's a nice touch of color. Perhaps cadmium red would be appropriate?)

On the endurance side, he has a pretty severe, chronic sinus infection that has not responded to the first two rounds of antibiotics, and the doctors are throwing the "big guns" at it, now. This means oral steroids (which can possibly be a factor in recurring cases of pericarditis) and the antibiotic, Levaquin. 

After the first dose of Levaquin on Tuesday night, Dwight experienced a wide range of scary neurological side effects (not uncommon on this drug, by the way. Inform yourself before taking it.) He was up all night being anxiously miserable, and I was up all night watching out for the onset of hallucinations or seizures. It was like a slumber party, sans slumber and sans party. (I'd paint this black, for sure.)

Yesterday was spent recovering from that, plus contacting doctors to see what they wanted to do next. They recommended a different antibiotic. So basically the next few days will be a trial of that, followed by the oral steroids (assuming he can tolerate them.) Hopefully he will, hopefully they will not precipitate another attack of pericarditis, hopefully his sinus infection will finally be resolved and he won't need sinus surgery. I am exhausted from two weeks of intense stress, (and my store of physical/emotional energy is low, even on a good day.) My husband is simply trying to get back to work and to taking care of his family. It's rough for him to be the sick one.

This probably doesn't sound too bad, compared to what many of you suffer every day. I know some of you are battling cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis, and dermatomyositis, and other unimaginable difficulties. And in the midst of them, you have reached out to me and my family with your love and prayers. A simple "thank you" isn't enough to express my gratitude. You deserve a masterpiece, painted especially for you, by the artist of your choice. (Picasso, Monet, Cassatt, Matisse, you name it. Just don't ask for a Dali.)

So that's the update. We're a work in progress, and I'm hoping to see a bit of cerulean blue sky on that canvas today. Looking up...


Debbie D. said...

Sending hues of blue your way in the form of prayers sent to our Father.

becky said...

so glad to get this update, les...been thinking about you guys and wondering how things are going.
i'll take a matisse, please

S. Etole said...

In the midst of a Dali stretch of time, a Monet would be enjoyed.

Prayers continue for you and your family.

Beth said...

Oh for a Norman Rockwell painting life! He made everything seem better.
I'm sending you bursts of yellow to brighten up that black splotch.

True, many of us have our burdens as you said, but the beauty of the blogging world is this:
When you can't get out of the house or you're not up to a phone call or it's the middle of the night and you can't phone or go see someone--
you can click on your computer and wa la! instant encouragement!
You then are reassured and comforted and can go back to facing and bearing the burden, knowing that a tangible human being out there somewhere is caring and praying for you.
That's one of the many blessings of this blogging world. When we can't get out of the house, it can come in and with it, bring sunshine.
Prayers continueing. Love to you, les.

Beth said...

Oh and thanks so much for the update!:>)

ayala said...

My thoughts are with you and your husband. Sending you well wishes and hugs.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i was so dreaming of a rhinocéros...
you're welcome. seems like things are moving the right way indeed. take courage, leslie. time and sandwiches.

Rick said...

Making my rounds catching up again and got here to find you've been fighting new battles. It's good to know that He never allows us to face more than we can bear, and yet we need to ask if this cup can be removed from us. May God continue to give you strength and give Dwight healing, and may you soon be able to enjoy a little again.

Loree said...

Hope you get your blue skies Leslie and that things take a turn for the better. Have courage :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, dear. It's just all too much! I have been thinking about you and your husband, sending healing thoughts both your ways, but it seems like they haven't landed, yet! I'll send some more and continued strength and courage to both of you.

Much love and concern, too --

Tracy said...

Keep looking up for the blue, Leslie... Sending lots of thoughts & prayers to you & your husband for his return of health. Sending some color pink for cheer. :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))

Francesca said...

Thanks for the update Leslie. I do hope the new drugs helped, and didn't cause any side effects.

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Oh, my, I'm so sorry. I hope things begin to swing up. It's hard with so many complications. Saying a prayer.

Jodi said...

It's times like these when I wish I was your neighbor so I could bring you flowers, cook you meals, walk the dog, whatever. You know you have my prayers, and I'm wishing for you all the cerulean blue your heart, mind, and soul can hold and a dash of bright yellow thrown in. xox

DeborahJoy said...

well... the sky here in the UK has been bright blue for 4 whole days, how about that! And we all sit under heaven, together.
So glad things are tentatively improving for you both. Continuing to pray for healing