Thursday, October 11, 2012

what does a lizard have in common with jim morrison?

once upon  a time,
a young lizard decided to experience life
on the other side of the door.
he was lithe and brown,
with a racing stripe down his back
and the arrogance of all young things.

he made it past the threshold 
and onto the rug 
in the middle of the floor,
before he was spotted 
by the old (but still beautiful)
woman who lived in the house.
being fond of lizards, (but not of the bugs they eat)
she resolved to help him escape.

he decided to hide under the bookshelf
(the dust alone would have smothered him)
but at the last minute he leapt onto a basket
of dog toys, opting to perch on
a stuffed tiger. it was a wise decision, 
for the old (but still beautiful)
mistress of the house carried the basket of toys
out to the garden,
where she proceeded to snap photos
for her blog.

and so the young lizard,
having learned nothing from his experience
except that he looked exceptionally well
next to striped velour,
lived, if not happily ever after,
at least long enough
to say, along with jim morrison,
"i am the lizard king. i can do anything."


Anonymous said...

Good job! I liked your had a happy ending. I saw a lizard in our house the other day, it looked freeze dried and must have "passed over" several days before I spotted him. We vacuumed him up. I had a moment of melancholy when I saw the dried up lizard. Your story made me feel good. Thank you "still beautiful" woman.

Kay L. Davies said...

And you're beautiful, but not old.

ayala said...

Great storytelling :)

beth said...

wait. was that lizard in your house ?
oh man, i don't know if i could handle lizards :)

Leslie said...

haha no, beth, the lizard was in the old (but still beautiful) woman's house. however, i myself am quite fond of the little things ;)

Debbie D. said...


Debbie D. said...

Love....(I can never get a heart to show!!)

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

...'the arrogance of all young things'. :)))

i may beg to differ on the 'old woman blogging' addition, if i've derived it well from your fluent words?

jim again, i must agree.
hee hee!

Beth said...

Wonderfully light-hearted--great story telling. Sounds like your spirits are higher.
Cute little bugger. Tiny lizards are cute---bigger ones, not so cute!

Tracy said...

Anything is possible! This is just sooo sweet, Leslie! And such charming images too. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

becky said...

Oh, those naughty little lizards like to taunt us, don't they? "Still beautiful" you have more patience than I. I get out the broom the instant I see one, open the door and shoo it out. If one hides from me under a piece of furniture, I surrender, knowing he'll reappear and I'll get him out later. I guess that's a sort of patience, eh?

Kimbundance said...

What a beautiful post! Loving your creativity on these pictures. =)

Emily Sovich said...

Haha! This was great!

-- and what an adventure! :-)

S. Etole said...

You are one creative lady! And I delight in the whimsy.

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Such a lovely old (but still beautiful) lady to help a creature in distress. :D