Saturday, February 9, 2013

a room with a view

Well, not much of a view. But the azaleas are starting to bloom, and the water vapor on the glass makes them look sort of romantic. I've been ill this week. My old enemy, abdominal adhesions, is attacking with a vengeance. So I've spent much of the week lying around and drinking fluids, which is about all this poor body can digest at the moment. On top of that, I'm facing down a diagnostic mammogram on Monday. (The key word here being "diagnostic," which means I have a lump that is either benign or cancerous. I wonder how many women, every day, are confronting this particular enemy?) At any rate, it's hard to face a potential new enemy when the old one is being so cantankerous. I'm praying and hoping for relief from the first attacker, and a non-threatening result from the second. Would you pray and hope, with me?


Maryann said...

I will certainly pray and hope with you

Nancy said...

Put me on the list; I will hold you up to the thrown room to God for healing and protection....

Nancy said...

Praying and hoping with you, dear Leslie. And so very grateful God has gifted you with these early blooms. Beauty as a evidence He sees and is with you, perhaps? Much love.

Jodi said...

Sending a hug and prayers. Keep us posted, dear heart. xox

S. Etole said...

Definitely praying.

beth said...

you know you're in my prayers.....xo

Can do mom said...

I'm sorry. I've typed three comments but they all seemed trite given the circumstances.

I wish there was something I could do. Like bake you a cake or bring you flowers. Something to make you smile.

I'm praying for smiles for you today AND that your lump is benign.

Take care.

DeborahJoy said...

Praying for you right now, Leslie.
You are held in His mighty hands.

Loree said...

For sure, dear Leslie. I am sorry to hear that you are unwell and hope and pray and believe that your lump is benign.

Catfish Tales said...

Yes, Leslie. I'm praying right now that God will keep you and guide you in whatever decisions you make about your health. My wishis always to have a good result. I wish this for you too. Our ultimate hope, of course, rests in God. May your continued journey be peaceful and as pain-free as possible.

Jennifer Richardson said...

i reach across the miles
in spirit
to hold your hand
and squeeze when you need it
as we wait together
for the news
that you'll never hear
or walk through
always you are held
in caring love,

Tracy said...

All thoughts, prayers, good health vibes and much LOVE coming your way, Leslie! Holding you in my heart extra this week... Let us know how you get on. ((BIG HUGS))