Friday, October 24, 2014

lanterns in the dark

It's been over a month since I posted here. I haven't had the heart, somehow, to put words and images together, at least in this form. Instagram, with its one photo, caption-or-don't-caption format, has been a less intimidating way for me to try to distill the droplets of goodness from each day - or maybe even to whine a bit, in a cool, hipster sort of way (although I'm not sure this 58-yr-old woman can really pull off a hipster vibe. Probably more of an aging hippie vibe, at best.) But today I am feeling sadder than sad, and wanting to remind myself that even now, even here, when I am sick and hurting and discouraged and generally walking around in the darkness that life has thrown my way lately, even here - there is light. 

I know you all have been going through your days as well, and I'm hoping they've been good. I'm hoping that you've laughed more than you've cried, that you've breathed in the scent of crisp autumn air and witnessed the bluer than blue October skies and held hands with someone you loved while doing it. But I know the chances are good that a lot of you have suffered at least some degree of pain, this month. Some of you might be having a hard time breaking through the fog of heartbreak or illness or loss. Some of you, like me, might need a reminder that the light is still there, waiting for us. 

So here are some images, to remind us both. That for an instant in time, captured with the click of a camera shutter, light existed. It shimmered. It danced. It burst forth with uncontained joy. And in that instant, the darkness was annihilated. So here's to those fleeting sparks of light. Here's to holding them forth, like lanterns in the dark. I'll swing mine, and you swing yours, and together we'll light each other's worlds, for a moment.