Friday, February 26, 2016

of black holes and other matter

Black holes are real, they say;
they've proved it now.
How they bend the fabric of space and time
when they collide;
their siren songs luring the stars
to endless sleep—
while down here, in the dust
and infinite solitudes,
we hold on.


Jennifer Richardson said...

We've all got them, don't we.
Black holes.
Something so brave about going there.
You're a brave one, friend:)
Thanks for this beauty shared,

Linda P said...

You're making me think, Leslie, with these words. I sometimes like solitude, but not always. I like the earth and to feel its solidity beneath my feet. The Lord is my rock and I'm holding on to Him. Blessings.

Loree said...

Your posts, though short, always say so much. I wish you a good week Leslie.

Beth said...

Wonderful poem-- always love your work.