Thursday, February 11, 2016

self-portrait in my mother's mirror

The reflection is mine,
yet I see her there, too—
shimmering across
the beveled edges of her mirror,
the one she left to me.
I see how her spirit dances close,
stopping to brush my cheek
and maybe chuckle with delight
over the horn rimmed glasses
so much like hers.

("They look good on you!")


Loree said...

Such a sweet and meaningful poem, Leslie.

Debbie D. said...


Linda P said...

A lovely post; so much meaning in the words and the smile, Leslie.

Tracy said...

Tears... this is just soooo BEAUTIFUL! And sooo HAPPY to see you, Leslie! :9 Wishing you & yours a LOVE-LY Valentine weekend ((HUGS))

Elizabeth said...

You look radiant and adorable, Leslie! And I love the poem -- its bittersweet homage to your mother.