Saturday, August 27, 2016

paper chains

They sing in the autumn breeze,
circles of glass and childhood
memory, like
the chains we made with paper and glue,
rings of color building
and building
until the magic of them
could take you anywhere,
grant any wish,
even the ones where
your parents would stop fighting
and the cat wasn't dead
and this Christmas would be
happy. And
though you secretly know
the truth,
when you walk in the garden
in the early morning
and the light makes them come alive
the magic still


Debbie D. said...

Your words are magical! I'm going to go make a paper chain with my grandkids!

Becky Jerdee said...

Wow! Such a back-and-forth of emotion!

Loree said...

You have a wonderful way of describing things in just a few words. I loved this Leslie.

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh I know those secret dreams.
such a hauntingly beautiful post, Leslie;
thank you:)
( i love the way your eyes dance with light)