Monday, September 19, 2016

on walking the dog

Lady, circa 2010

This morning I put down my phone
and went for a walk.

I used to walk often, with the dog—
her compact chestnut body leading the way
to every irresistible sight or scent
or sound.

We used to stop together,
I, at her command,
experience having taught me that
her moment of reflection could become
also mine—

a time to watch the pond weeds
dress themselves for fall as
the cirrus clouds danced across the sky—

a time to stand in the misty rain
on a gray winter's day
and note the astonishing whiteness
of an ibis on the wing.

I miss those walks,
those moments that became
days that became weeks and months
and years,

marking the changes in us both
as we comforted ourselves
with each season's familiar cadence.

So, this morning I put down my phone
and went for a walk.

The dog would have been proud.


Debbie D. said...


Loree said...

A beautiful tribute to your sweet dog. I can see you still miss her.

Linda P said...

I know you miss your dog. I'm glad you were able to go for that walk.